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Addicted To Japan Footage

In 2006, Sweetbox toured Japan & Korea in support of the then released album, Addicted.The 12 date tour during August of that year would be known as the Addicted To Japan tour whilst simply being known as the Addicted tour in Korea.

Many of you might have seen the footage from the korean shows filmed from the audience, but it’s long been rumoured since the tour that there MIGHT be footage from the Japanese release.

Well, it seems that this isn’t rumours. (So far) videos from a date on the Japanese tour has been posted on youtube by user Jadeholic! Check out Killing Me DJ & Crown of Thorns below!

Killing Me DJ

Crown of Thorns


Check Out The New Video For Nothing Can Keep Me From You

Well Sweeties, the wait is over! We were up until 2.30 am (UK time) (do we get a prize?) to catch the premiere of the brand new video for the second single to be lifted from the album #Z21. Sweeties, we present to you……Nothing Can Keep Me From You

In case you hadn’t worked it out, the video was filmed in an  airplane graveyard!

And it would seem that the original club mix is already available to download from iTunes or Amazon UK | US

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Sweet Contests Updates

Hi Sweeties

Just bringing you a little update with all the contests that are running at the moment all in one little spot.

#Z21 World Record Attempt

A second trailer featuring some of the entries so far to the contest has been released! Check it out below:

Remember, the person with the most people dancing and the person with the most views will win the chance to head to the next video shoot and meet Sweetbox!! All details can be found here on the official site.


Sweet World Contest

The second contest is of course the Sweet World contest where you’ve to tell either as a picture or story what is Sweet to you! They’re already 5 entries (see our previous post here to see them all). The current contest will end on the 29TH AUGUST! HOWEVER, all entries will be ELIGIBLE for as long as the contest runs, so there is more than one chance to win!

#Z21 Lyrics Video Contest

The latest contest to be announced is that YOU are being asked to create a lyric video for the title track #Z21! You can make it as simple/stylish/crazy as you want! They’re accepting any file format that YouTube accepts! Send your entry to with the following details:

  1. Subject line: #Z21 Lyric Video Contest
  2. First Name:
  3. Last Name:
  4. City / Country:
  5. Email:

The deadline for all submissions is August 31st, 2013.

The videos will be showcased on their Youtube channel with  a link on thefacebook page.Then using their “special formula” (Youtube views x Youtube likes x Facebook likes) they’ll crown a winner. The submission with the highest total on September 4th will win a US $100 cash prize!

Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves!


Join The World Record Attempt

Hey Sweeties, hope that you’ve had the chance to listen to the brand new single #Z21 (Japan, don’t despair! You’re apparently getting it on the 19th June!).

And with it’s release, Sweetbox wants YOU to join in a world record attempt. Here’s our man LogiQ to tell you more about it!

So what are you waiting for? Get those dancing shoes on, cameras, lights and go go go!


We’ve Got It Covered!

Well Sweeties, after watching the cover version of Justin Timberlake’s Mirror with David Choi, we’ve been pondering for a while…have you seen or heard a cover version of a Sweetbox song that you want to share with other fans?

We’re sure they’re out there, but we want to hear what you’d share.

One of our favourites is this from SECRET in Korea with the ever popular Life Is Cool

So come on, we’ve shared ours, now share yours. Leave a comment on the blog or tweet us your video to our twitter account.

If we get enough, we’ll make a feature of it on our blog! So what are you waiting for? Get scouting those covers!!


Classified is 12!

Would you believe it! Classified is 12 years old today! For those who don’t know/haven’t seen the original obi strip from the Japanese release, on it had Classical + Modified = Classified. It would spawn 4 singles, which you can see the videos for below:

For The Lonely



Trying To Be Me

(see HQ versions of the video on the official Sweetbox channel!)

Apart from the bonus tracks for the Japanese version, the only difference is that Every Time Interlude is a WHOLE minute longer on the Japanese release compared to the others!

So tell us what your favourite track from the album is either by leaving a comment or by coming over to Twitter (we’ll retweet replies!)

Bulletproof Snippet Online

Yesterday (9th March 2011), Jamie visited several radio stations in California, in what is believed to be some promo for the upcoming album, Diamond Veil. Jamie uploaded a clip from one of the stations with her singing a snippet from Bulletproof, one of the songs on the album. Check it out below!

Want to discuss the new album with other fans? Head over to the boards here