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Expected Downtime

We know that we’ve been quite the past wee while & that’s been for 2 reasons: the first is a change in circumstances and the second is that behind the scenes we’ve been looking at a new site.

Now don’t start panicking….at least not yet. See the first reason impacted on the second, i.e. we’ve only had 2 days a week to try and decide on what to do with the site and we’ve been self learning a new system too (we’re not just pretty faces here, you know!)

The good news is that we think we’ve cracked it! The bad news is that it may take a few days/weeks for us to get it all up and running. The plan is still to have the blog running during this time, as well as the store it’s just the main site that’s going to disappear.

We’re not planning on taking any of the features away from the site. They’ll all still be there (so that’s albums, singles, dvd, promo, extras, about) plus the addition of a new section…

We just ask that you bare with us and we’ll get everything up and running as quickly as possible…assuming no hick ups (and with us, we’re expecting a few!)

In the meantime, if you need us, you can reach us on Twitter or by email

Spring cleaning!

We’ve pulled out the good ol’ feather duster to give the ol’ store a little clean up.

By clean up we do mean checking that the links still go where they’re supposed to go. But sadly some have had to been removed 😦 The good news is that there are some new links that have been added.

Amongst these, we are proud to announce that we now have iTunes links that no longer have a banner at the top of the page! YAY!

Remember that by making your purchases via our little store that you are supporting the artist but also supporting us at the same time!

Sweetbox Haven Store

Updates To The Store

So…we had a little thought and came up with the idea that seeing since the recent singles have been made available worldwide, that really our little ‘store’ should reflect this, rather than having the singles listed under the banner of ‘Rest of the World’


So that’s that we’ve done! The singles now have their own little section within the store!If the release is country specific e.g. Japan. then we’ll note this! Our iTunes links are set so that if the release is available on your home store, it should take you there.

The other changes
– ‘Rest of the World’ has been re-named International. Again, iTunes links will take you there if available. AND of course, we’ve also got links to the official store for your purchasing pleasure.

-Items that are now out of print/no longer available have been removed

Remember, not only do our links help you buy legitimate products, but by purchasing through our links, you help keep the site alive.

Visit the store

The Daily Recap

We’ll guys, you had a week of daily recaps on Twitter, and now we’d like to know what you though. But before you go ahead and decide, let us explain the purpose:

We began the daily recap with one main purpose really: time zone issues! As you’ve no doubt probably guessed, we function on the UK time. We thought that by having a daily recap of tweets it would mean that our followers would hopefully catch up with what we’d been posting and not miss anything. As we said, we work on UK timing so we thought the best time was to send them out at the end of the day for us with the hope that maybe some who missed earlier would see them a second time round.

Yes we know that it’s not an exact science and that we can’t possibly catch everyone on a second round, but the theory is there. What we plan on NOT re-tweeting in our daily recap is time sensitive tweets (for example, the tweets we’ve posted today regarding the cover versions deadline). There would be no point in this particularly if coming into the final hours (different if it’s days away). We just don’t want you guys to miss out on any BIG news, that’s all.

So there you have it, our explanation into the Daily Recap. Let us know your thoughts either here, on twitter or drop us an email


Sweetbox Haven Store Returns!

After being missing for a while, we’re pleased to announce the return of the store to the site. For those that maybe don’t know, the store is a series of links where you can buy legitimate copies of Sweetbox albums and , at the same time, support us!

What changed?

> Some links will load with a banner at the top of the page. This can easily be dismissed after the page has loaded

> Some items no longer available and have been removed

> Additional links to HMV Japan have been added (banner on loading)

> Previous Europe and Other Countries now come under the banner of Rest Of The World. While we were updating, we found that we could actually create a generic iTunes link which should open up iTunes on your store (or last visited) if the release is available to you instead of having individual countries. Makes things a little easier. Once again, this will have a banner on loading.

Visit the store here

New Site Design

Yes so you may have noticed that we uploaded a new version of the site. The pink version had just been temporary until we got something a bit more useful and that’s come in this one.

What’s changed?
> Landing page for each section, giving a little description of what to expect 

>Guestbook: the old guestbook is no longer 😥 . Apparently we got an email telling us this though we can’t find it. Anyway, we’ve now got another one up and running so please stop by and leave us a comment.

> Store still under construction…hopefully we can start turning our attention to it more frequently in the coming weeks though!

Oh and before anyone comments, we’re aware there’s an issue with the banner! That will hopefully be sorted soonish!


Site Updates

Well, we’re up and running again. Seems some gremlins had got in and had been raiding the sweet box and leaving the papers around so they got into the gears.

Anyhooo, we took the opportunity to do some clearing up. So:

The special Diamond Veil site we had up containing the lyrics have been removed. We did say that it would be up for a limited time!

The store is currently unavailable. We found that it wasn’t behaving itself and didn’t match the main site. Plus it will give us a chance to check the current availability of items from the sites that we had listed.

Don’t forget about the video competition! It’s based on the most views so the quicker you get in, the better your chance! See the details here