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Diamond Veil @ Tokyo Tower!

Well, we knew that the Swarovski  Tokyo Tower that features on the cover of the Japanese version of Diamond Veil was on show in the tower itself. But we’ve now got some lovely photos of some of the banners hanging in the tower, courtesy of tony over @

We want to go just to nab that last banner! And who wouldn’t?


J-Wave Happiness Wedding Event (June 2009)

At the start of June last year, Jamie performed at a Wedding event held by J-Wave’s Happiness radio program, marking it as one of her first performances as Sweetbox in Japan. It’s only now (one year later) that we’ve managed to find some details on the event.


With presenter Ayako

on the day, the following tracks were apparently performed:

Amazing Grace
Crash Landed
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
We Can Work It Out

(Information and photos taken from Ayako’s Blog @

Vhari x

We Can Work It Out On Compilation album

We Can Work It Out has appeared on a Warner Music compilation album. This looks like it could be some promotional album sent out by the label to the likes of reviewers and radio station or a promotional album from a magazine.  Also included on the album are artists like Linkin Park, Green Day, Jake Penate, Flo Rida, Seal and many others.



Crash Landed Promo – Update

Well there had been a bit of a delay to us providing an update on this promotional single but the single has finally flown from the other side of the world to the UK. So let us answer some questions:

How many tracks are on it?
Just the one

What version of the song it is?
Don’t start panicking! It’s only the album version (with 1 second of a difference)

So not likely to be one of the more sought after promos?
Probably not at least, not the way that the Read My mind ~Crystal Edition~ one is. More than likely it would have had more appeal if it had been the version from the video. Then again, it may be sought after by those who purely want it for collection purposes.


Crash Landed Promo Found!

The promotional single for Crash Landed has been found. Once again the promo is a printed CD-R. At present it is unknown how many tracks are on it or whether it is just a one track as We Can Work It Out was. If it is a one track promo, the next question is to what version of the song it is. As we know, the video featured a new mix of the song, so the question is whether it’s the video edit or the album edit that made the promo. Of course, there is a possibility that the promo features both versions. If it is one track and it is the video version, then this promo is likely to be one of the more sought after promos (along side the likes of the Read My Mind ~Crystal Edition~ promo)


More information on this as soon as it is available!


InRock Japan magazine July 2009 + Official blog update

Sweetbox appeared in the July 2009 Volume of the Japanese magazine InRock. The interview includes one full page image and several smaller images throughout. On the page before the article is the advert for The Next Generation album.

Scan10085  Scan10082 Scan10083 Scan10084 Scan10084(1)

Also, in the recent blog on, Jamie is offering fans the chance to ask her questions that will be answered in next weeks blog. Go to the official site to find out more!


The Next Generation Promo Album Details

Back at the end of May we posted about a promotional album having been found and that it suggested that there might have been alternative artwork…well we’re scrapping that idea and saying that it may well have been used simply for promotional.

Anyhow, the album is literally the full album except that it states there are 16 tracks (as per the album) when in fact on the CD there is only 15. The remix of Everything’s Gonna Be Alright is missing.

Other noticeable difference is that fact some of the track title have been shortened. Other than that it’s just the information that we’ve seen leading up to the album release.

Details of the item of be posted in the promotional albums section shortly