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Pinterest: Normal Service Resumes Soon


*yawn* Oh please excuse us. The nights are drawing in here in our little part of the world and we’re becoming very sleepy (without the need of a hypnotist) but we have some good news

In the coming weeks, we hope to get back to posting the album tour boards back on our pinterest! YAY! We did have it all planned out but then someone (we won’t name names!) disappeared on holiday and then came back and had a Lara Croft moment and started re-decorating!

The only difference will be that instead of having two a week, we’ll probably only post one a week on a Wednesday, the theory being that at present, we’ve got videos from the official team on a Monday & Friday leaving mid-week pretty bare!

So there we have it. Keep an eye out on our Twitter account for the announcement of when we’ll start back (if we remember rightly, we’ll be starting back with Japanese release The Greatest Hits from 2005).

See you soon!

Have You Been Checking Our Album Boards?

So Sweeties

Back in July, we uploaded a tour of the latest studio album, #Z21 up onto Pinterest to let you see what it was all about. Since then, we’ve been uploading and sharing what we’ve been calling our ‘album tour’ pinterest boards, allowing you guys, the fans to see the different versions of releases from Europe, Korea & of course, Japan…well, within reason seeing as yes, we do STILL have some SEALED albums!

We’re taking a week off so that we can prepare the next batch of ‘tours’ for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, you can check out the existing 17(!) boards already present.

Sweetbox :UK
Classified : Japan | Europe
Jade: Japan | Korea | Hong Kong
Jade ~ Silver Edition~: Japan
Adagio: Japan | Korea |Europe | Taiwan
After The Lights: Japan | Korea | Korea (Christmas Special)
13 Chapters: Europe | Taiwan
#Z21: Japan

See you all soon!

Debut Release Posted on Pinterest

Our second release in pictures was released yesterday on our pinterest board. This week, we’re looking at the debut release Sweetbox which we believe originates from the UK.

We say believe because since we’ve had it we’ve thought that it was actually the European release, but when we went to add it to our online collection, we discovered that while similar, our version had a extra track (SHOUT). Doing a little digging we found a non-Sweetbox release which had a similar characteristic to our own which seems to tie it to the UK.

If anything changes in relation to where this release belongs, we’ll be sure to update you. In the meantime, check out the board (another outside sunshine shoot!) on pinterest

 photo DSCF9050_zps0548e61c.jpg

Is there a particular album you’d like to see done like this? If so, let us know and it could be the next one up!