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The Time Is Now….To Vote For Your Favourite #Z21 Lyric Video!

Before we get started, we apologise for the posts relating to time last night on the Twitter. The night shift obviously wanted to have a little fun!

Anyway, to the main event! The deadline for the #Z21 Lyric videos submissions has past! You’ve not got until  11.59 PM LA time 6th November (at least, we think that’s the time it will end) to like, share & vote for your favourite video from the collection below!


Anders Christensen From Denmark

Danielle Johnson from USA

John Siongco From Philippines

Vhari Lannigan from UK

Good luck to all the entries!

#Z21 Lyric Contest Entries *updated 31/10*

Hey Sweeties

So as you know the deadline for the #z21 Lyric Video contest is drawing near fast (at the time of the (updated) post, you only have a few hours left to enter!

Take a look below at the entries already submitted!

Anders Christensen From Denmark

Danielle Johnson from USA

John Siongco From Philippines

Vhari Lannigan from UK

REMEMBER, you’ve not got long until the deadline (11.59pm @ 31st October! Check what time that means for you here) if you want to enter! Check out the post on the official website for all the details and good luck!

Check Out The New Single EGBA


Hey Sweeties

Well last week we had the teasers for the forthcoming video for the new single EGBA (that’s Everything’s Gonna Be Alright btw!). JAde & Jamie had their own versions of the classic track, so shouldn’t come as a surprise to see another one! The video won’t be out till later, but in the meantime you can purchase the single right now!

The track is available on ALL iTunes music stores (yes Japan, even yours :D…. though the following: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, …you don’t seem to have it :()

Check the links below to see where to purchase the track! And look out for the video coming soon!

Amazon: UK | Fr | De | It | Jp | Es | US

Check Out The New Mix For Nothing Can Keep Me From You!

Nothing Can Keep Me from You (Ain't No Mountain) [Justin Wi

Hey Sweeties

It’s early morning…so early that the boss misread the latest tweet from Sweetbox. They simply read “Nu Disco Mix” & “out today” and thought “that’s already been out a week!”

Thankful they went back and read again. This time it’s the Nu Disco Mix for the latest single for Nothing Can Keep Me From You! Check it out in the link below:

The track is available to download now from Amazon sites, iTunes & of course, the official store. Check the links below:

UK | US | Fr | De | It | Es | Jp

Official Store

Let us know what you think about this latest remix!

Check Out New #Z21 Remix!

Hello Sweeties

Just in case you hadn’t seen the news over the weekend, there’s a new remix for #Z21 just been released! The Nu Disco Mix from Justin Wildenhain is available to download from today from online retailers.

Check out the clip of the new remix below:

The track is available to download from the sites below

Amazon UK
Amazon Fr
Amazon De
Amazon It
Amazon Jp
Amazon Es


#Zeitgeist21 Now On ITunes

#Zeitgeist21 Cover

You can now purchase the new album, #Zeitgeist21 from iTunes (excluding Japan). There is one slight difference between this and the one that can be purchased from the official store….there is only 13 tracks on the iTunes version! You don’t get to purchase the Japanese version of My Understatement. It would seem that this is an exclusive for the official store.

It would seem that iTunes might be having a day off though….apparently the first track is only 47 secs long and Beautiful features someone by the the name of Hiho Fukuhara….

Check the links below to head over and purchase it:

iTunes | Official Store

Check Out The New Video For Nothing Can Keep Me From You

Well Sweeties, the wait is over! We were up until 2.30 am (UK time) (do we get a prize?) to catch the premiere of the brand new video for the second single to be lifted from the album #Z21. Sweeties, we present to you……Nothing Can Keep Me From You

In case you hadn’t worked it out, the video was filmed in an  airplane graveyard!

And it would seem that the original club mix is already available to download from iTunes or Amazon UK | US

Check out the video and let us know what you think!