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#Z21 Video Released!

The time is now & the place is YouTube, but the official video for the first single #Z21 (#Zeitgeist21) is now out to for all to see!

So what do you think Sweeties? Let us know here or on our twitter account!


Japan, You’re Time Is Now! #Z21 Available To Download

#Z21 (#Zeitgeist21) - Single

Yes Japanese Sweeties, you are now able to download the new single from Sweetbox, #Z21.

It’s available to download from iTunes. And you can also get it from Chaku-Uta® as intro & chorus vers, Chaku-Uta® Full & as intro version as ???????? (melody call)

What we’d like to know is what is ???????? (melody call) Is that where you hear the song instead of the standard ringing tone?


EXCLUSIVE! Listen To Alone From #Z21

It’s not very often that we get to bring you an exclusive, but we think that your going to like this one.

See, we have a small…more like minuscule confession to make. We’ve heard the album in it’s entirety & to be honest we’ve been desperate to get our hands on it once again!

Now don’t get all excited! We don’t have the album. We have to wait the same as you guys! But what we do have for you is one of the tracks from the album, and possibly one of our favourites. More over, we can exclusively let you guys hear it!

We’re a little ashamed to admit it, but the first time we heard this track, we cried but we’re reliably informed that the general reaction to it.

Sweeties, let us introduce you to the beautiful Alone!

And as a second exclusive, here is another version of the album artwork!

#Zeitgeist21 Cover

Let us know what you think of the track either here or over on twitter.

And remember to get those pre-orders in! Check this post for details of where it can be pre-ordered!


The Time Is Now, The Place Is…Well iTunes & Amazon

Well Sweeties, we’re into the final 30 days before the new Sweetbox album, #Z21 (or Z21 or Zeitgeist 21 whatever you’re calling it!) is released!And you can also hear the first song OFFICIALLY from the album!

Yes head over to your iTunes store or onto Amazon and you’ll find the title track is available for download…well…except it seems in Japan (sorry guys!)

Sweetbox Z21

The track samples a well known classical piece: Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra (which some might recognise from 2001: A Space Odyssey)

So what are you waiting for? Check the links below!

iTunes (should open to your respective store)


You can also check out the track on Spotify (at least, it’s on the UK one so possibility of others too!)


Zeitgeist 21 Pre-Order Links *UPDATED 12/6*

You are now able to pre-order the new album, Zeitgeist 21 or Z21 as it seems to be shortened to,is available to pre-order from the following sites:


Sony Music Shop
HMV Japan
Tower Records Japan
Amazon Japan
iTunes Japan (currently due 26th June)
YesAsia (US)
YesAsia (Global)

First 5 links may be better for fans within Japan although HMV Japan does ship internationally (check available countries here) As soon as other links become available, we’ll post them giving you a chance to be amongst the first to pre-order!

Also note that the album is now not being released until the 3rd July!

News News News

So in case you missed out little Twitter news…we’ve heard some things relating to what’s happening…

The big thing most people will want to know is..who is the singer? Well…we don’t know that but what we do know is that for the first time in history, it’s gonna start raining men…oh wait…wrong song/group. But for the first time in Sweetbox history there will be MULTIPLE members and NOT all from the US!

And of course there is the album. We know that it will be called Zeitgeist 21 and has been  already recorded in Antigua (Caribbean) and in Los Angeles. It’s currently on the books for a June 2013 release on Sony Music.

So it might not answer everything you’ve been wanting to know but hopefully it’s answered some 😀

Also, it would appear that when the group makes it’s proper return, that there will be a new logo based on this current contest running on 99 Designs website.

AND FINALLY (always wanted to say that!)
Remember that the MV contest is still running! But remember that it’s the NUMBER OF VIEWS on your video by the 31st March, that’s NOT when you’ve got to submit. The sooner you submit the better your chances. See the details here


Another Version Of Diamond Veil…From Europe : ANSWERED

Remember back in June we mentioned how there was a release of Diamond Veil apparently coming from Europe on July 5th 2011 (Another Version Of Diamond Veil…From Europe??) Well, a month after ordering and the album being “Currently Unavailable”, it finally dropped through our door…………

We can now reveal that it IS NOT a European/US release but in fact the KOREAN version of the album.


We’re a little disappointed, but would like to advise fans that you’ll probably be cheaper buying the album from YesAsia rather than from Amazon