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4 Years Old & Still Sparkling


It’s been 2 years since the release of 7th studio album, The Next Generation but now, in 2011, the next album is ready to be released. Step forward Diamond Veil.

Yes on the 25th May, Diamond Veil was released. This would be the 2nd and sadly the last album from vocalist Jamie Pineda.

The lead single from it was the ballad Remember This Dance. This was followed by the news that album track I Know You’re Not Alone was to feature in the live action adaptation of the manga Paradise Kiss.

In Korea, the tracks Echo & I Don’t Give A Damn appeared in another manga adaptation, City Hunter, whilst the only single to be released there was Minute By Minute


Of course, whilst we celebrate the official date as the Japanese release, the album did come out the week before in Europe as a digital download


and of course. in 2013, it was re-released as Diamond Veil (Feat. Jamie Pineda) with all tracks all renamed with (Feat.  Jamie Pineda) and new artwork.

Diamond Veil (Feat Jamie Pineda) 2

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Celebrating 17 years of the debut release!


Today we’re celebrating a very special release: that of the debut album. That is not to say that what came before doesn’t mean anything, but this release would be the start of what Sweetbox has become known for: sampling classical music to produce something different

This would be the only album to feature the vocals of third vocalist, Tina Harris. Originally featuring the singles Don’t Go Away, I’ll Die For You and Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, a re-release in Europe & Japan would see the singles SHOUT (Let It All Out) Sometimes (which to the best of our knowledge, was only released in Japan)

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Don’t Go Away

I’ll Die For You

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

SHOUT (Let it all out)

14 years of Classifed

classifiedJ_small classifiedeuxq1_small

Can you believe that 14 years ago today that Classifed was released? Yes, back in 2001, this would be the second studio album but would be the first outing for new vocalist, Jade Villalon.

All but two of the tracks on the album had roots in classical pieces (Boyfriend took inspiration from Gonna Fly Now otherwise known as the Theme to Rocky while Every Time had no influence at all)

4 singles would spawn from the album: For The Lonely (the only single to be released in Japan), Cinderella, Boyfriend Trying to be Me. For The Lonely had a UK promo with a version that, until 2007, wasn’t available anywhere else (the track was available as part of the download in Korea for Greatest Hits) while Korea had a Trying To Be Me promo.

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Below you can see the videos for the singles:

Merry Christmas

Well, for many it’s that time of year again! That’s right, it’s Christmas! So we thought we’d give you a post of Christmas tracks to celebrate! Many of them came from After The Lights which which we remember seeing called Sweetbox Presents a Very Sweet Xmas. But there is also the take on the classic Carol Of The Bells from the most recent studio album, #Z21/#Zeitgeist21(take your pick, we’re not fussy)

This Christmas

Silent Night

O Come All Ye Faithful

Merry Xmas

Carol Of The Bells

We hope if you are celebrating today that it is filled with fun & laughter. For those who may not celebrate at this time of year or something different, we hope you’ll take our wishes for when you do celebrate!


Expected Downtime

We know that we’ve been quite the past wee while & that’s been for 2 reasons: the first is a change in circumstances and the second is that behind the scenes we’ve been looking at a new site.

Now don’t start panicking….at least not yet. See the first reason impacted on the second, i.e. we’ve only had 2 days a week to try and decide on what to do with the site and we’ve been self learning a new system too (we’re not just pretty faces here, you know!)

The good news is that we think we’ve cracked it! The bad news is that it may take a few days/weeks for us to get it all up and running. The plan is still to have the blog running during this time, as well as the store it’s just the main site that’s going to disappear.

We’re not planning on taking any of the features away from the site. They’ll all still be there (so that’s albums, singles, dvd, promo, extras, about) plus the addition of a new section…

We just ask that you bare with us and we’ll get everything up and running as quickly as possible…assuming no hick ups (and with us, we’re expecting a few!)

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A Decade On & Still Shining Bright

My how time flies! Seems only yesterday that we were celebrating 9 years since the release of this album and now we’re celebrating a decade since it first graced our ears!


Yes of course we are talking about After The Lights. We’ve seen the album sometimes be referred to as Sweetbox Presents a Very Sweet Christmas because of the inclusion of 4 Christmas tracks, but in fact, this album had darker tones to it. It is one of the first (if not the only) album NOT to feature any classical sampling on any of the tracks.

In Korea, the album was released on October 4th 2005 but without the 4 Christmas themed tracks. In place of these were I Don’t Want To Kill You & Crown Of Thorns originally released on the Japanese Greatest Hits album earlier that year and with the additional European version of Killing Me DJ. Exactly a year since the Japanese release, the Korean version was re-released as a Christmas Special package which added an additional CD with the 4 Christmas themed tracks.

There was, in theory no videos for this release (More Than Love did receive a video but this wouldn’t be seen until the Taiwanese release of 13 Chapters)

If you’re not familiar with how the album looks, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards. And of course there’s the obligotory sing-along with the lyric videos over on YouTube

What’s you’re favourite track(s) from the album? Share them with us and we’ll share them with everyone else!

9 Years Of Raw Goodness

Sweetbox // Raw Treasures Vol. 1
It’s that time of year again. It’s the only release that we can never be truly sure when it was released. We know for definite that it was around the start of November and that it was one of the first releases from back in 2005 when the then web shop opened.

This originally started out as a ‘European’ exclusive and gave demo versions of songs that appeared or were scheduled to appear on albums from the start of then frontwoman Jade’s career (2000). These were subsequently introduced by Jade giving some insight into the process of bringing an album together. It also gave insight into Jade’s work before Sweetbox.

The album would subsequently be released 3 years later in Japan & Taiwan under the name of Rare Tracks. The difference between this and Raw Treasures was the omission of the spoken introductory tracks, and the inclusion of the versions of Addicted and World Without Frontiers that were used on the Subaru adverts in Japan as well as the piano version of For The Lonely from Live album.

So what’s you’re favourite memory of Raw Treasures? Why not share them with us over on our Twitter feed and we’ll share with everyone else!