Artworks & Tracks Revealed For Upcoming Compliations

As you may have seen for our last post, on the 19th April, Avex are releasing two “new” compilation albums to celebrate 20 years since the release of the classic track Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. Thanks to Amazon Japan, we now have artworks & tracklistings to share with you.

Sweetest Best Selection 1997 -2006
Cat. No; AVCD-93676
Pre-order here: HMV Japan | YesAsia | Amazon Japan

01. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Jade’s Version) [Classified]
02. Cinderella [Classified]
03. For The Lonely (Geo’s Remix) [Classified]
04. Every Time [Classified]
05. Sacred [Classified]
06. Read My Mind [Jade]
07. Human Sacrifice [Jade]
08. Stay [Jade]
09. Falling [Jade]
10. Life Is Cool [Adagio]
11. Miss You [Adagio]
12. Hate Without Frontiers [Adagio]
13. Somewhere [Adagio]
14. Chyna Girl [Adagio]
15. After The Lights [After The Lights]
16. Piano In The Dark [After The Lights]
17. Addicted [Addicted]
18. Pride [Addicted]
19. Here Comes The Sun [Addicted]
20. Every Step [Addicted]
21. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Tina’s Version) [Sweetbox]


Sweetest Remix
Cat. No: AVCD-93677
Pre-order Here: HMV Japan | YesAsia | Amazon Japan

01.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Jade’s Version) [World Sketch REMIX]
02.Life Is Cool [DJ KOMORI REMIX]
03.A Whole New World [OHC REMIX]
04.Cinderella [C’k REMIX]
05.Somewhere [Bapjap REMIX]
06.Sacred [OHC REMIX]
07.Addicted [DJ FUMI REMIX]
08.Human Sacrifice [OHC REMIX]
09.Read My Mind [World Sketch REMIX]
10.For The Lonely [Bapjap REMIX]
11.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Jade’s Version) [SIXTEN REMIX]
12.After The Lights [OHC REMIX]
Bonus Tracks
13.Here Comes The Sun [OMNIKID × Geo’s REMIX]
14.Life Is Cool [Geo’s Summernight REMIX]

As you can see, we weren’t too far off with the Sweetest Best Selection though probably most interesting for some will be the Sweetest Remix as these do appear to be all new remixes.

1 thought on “Artworks & Tracks Revealed For Upcoming Compliations

  1. Fred Shi

    I have shared the good news in my new post. I will keep them for sure! Really can’t wait for them to finally release!



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