11 Years On & The Light’s Still There

Here we are again Sweeties. Another year (& a few days…we’re sorry!) But it’s time to celebrate After The Lights

Sweetbox  // After The Lights (Japanese Artwork)

Originally released in Japan on the 17th November 2004 & sometimes referred to as Sweetbox Presents a Very Sweet Christmas because of the inclusion of 4 Christmas tracks (We think this may have been a title used in online stores before finalising to After The Lights) this album in fact had darker tones to it. It is one of the first (if not the only) album NOT to feature any classical sampling on any of the tracks.

In Korea, the album was released on October 4th 2005 but without the 4 Christmas themed tracks. In place of these were I Don’t Want To Kill You & Crown Of Thorns originally released on the Japanese Greatest Hits album earlier that year and with the additional European version of Killing Me DJ. Exactly a year since the Japanese release, the Korean version was re-released as a Christmas Special package which added an additional CD with the 4 Christmas themed tracks.

There was, in theory no videos for this release (More Than Love did receive a video but this wouldn’t be seen until the Taiwanese release of 13 Chapters)

If you’re not familiar with how the album looks, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards. And of course there’s the obligotory sing-along with the lyric videos over on YouTube

What’s you’re favourite track(s) from the album? Any memories of the album? Tweet us them & we’ll share with everyone else

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