A Decade Of Raw Treasures

Sweetbox // Raw Treasures Vol. 1
Here we are again. It’s to celebrate the album that we can never remember the exact date that it was released, What we do remember is that it was released back near the start of November back in 2005. And in case you haven’t already released, we are of course talking about Raw Treasures.

Originally starting out as a ‘European’ exclusive, this album gave demo versions of songs that appeared or were scheduled to appear on albums from the start of then frontwoman Jade’s career (2000). These were subsequently introduced by Jade giving some insight into the process of bringing an album together. It also gave insight into Jade’s work before Sweetbox.

The album would subsequently be released 3 years later in Japan & Taiwan under the name of Rare Tracks. The main differences between this and ‘European’ counterpart was the omission of the spoken introductory tracks, but the inclusion of the versions of Addicted and Hate Without Frontiers (titled Worlds Without Frontiers) that were used on the Subaru adverts in Japan as well as the piano version of For The Lonely from Live album.

So what’s you’re favourite memory of Raw Treasures? Why not share them with us over on our Twitter feed and we’ll share with everyone else!

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