13 years & still shining bright

Jade Japanese Album Artwork

Wow how time flies, eh? Sometimes 13 is unlucky for some but today we’re celebrating

26th September 2002 – the album Jade is released in Japan. This would mark the 3rd studio album for the group, 2nd for Jade a front woman and the 1st to be released on the Avex label.

The album would go on to be released in other Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong. We suspect too that it may have been planned for a 2003 release in Europe after coming across a 5 track sampler featuring tracks known to have appeared on this album. In fact, this would be the only album from Jade’s era not to be released in Europe.

There were no singles released for this album in Japan apart from a promotional single for Read My Mind. The album was promoted through three promotional videos: Read My MindUnforgiven and Lighter Shade Of Blue. In Europe, Here On My Own (Lighter Shade of Blue) was released as a single. You can check the videos out below:

Read My Mind


Lighter Shade of Blue

There were of course variations of two of the videos: a wintery themed Read My Mind known as Crystal Edition and an alternative version of Here on My Own (Lighter Shade of Blue) (see video below)

Here on my Own (Lighter Shade of Blue) – Alternative

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