Celebrating #Z21’s 2nd anniversary!


Can you believe that 2 years ago today the 9th studio album, #Z21 or #Zeitgeist21 (take your pick on what version you want, we’re not fussy!) was released two years ago today? That is unless you happen to have bought it from iTunes Japan in which case you’d have been enjoying it for the past week! The rest of the world would have to wait a few more weeks before getting our hands on the release everywhere else.

This release was a little different. It didnt have just one member. It had two.

Of course, the first we heard from Miho Fukuhara & LogiQ Pryce came in from of a cover of Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors with David Choi.

Naturally, the first video to be released from the album was the title track, #Z21, which still carried the signature theme of sampling classical music, in this case, Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra (it’s most famous appearance is probably in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey)

And was then followed by another two purchasable singles, Nothing Can Keep Me From You & LogiQ’s version of Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, pre-shortened for us as, yep, EGBA

The final video that was released from the album was All 4 Love (Skyfall) but it never released as a single

So there we have it. We think we’ve covered everything for the album anniversary. If you think we’ve missed anything, let us know on Twitter! And while you’re there, share with us your favourite tracks from the album too!

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