4 Years Old & Still Sparkling


It’s been 2 years since the release of 7th studio album, The Next Generation but now, in 2011, the next album is ready to be released. Step forward Diamond Veil.

Yes on the 25th May, Diamond Veil was released. This would be the 2nd and sadly the last album from vocalist Jamie Pineda.

The lead single from it was the ballad Remember This Dance. This was followed by the news that album track I Know You’re Not Alone was to feature in the live action adaptation of the manga Paradise Kiss.

In Korea, the tracks Echo & I Don’t Give A Damn appeared in another manga adaptation, City Hunter, whilst the only single to be released there was Minute By Minute


Of course, whilst we celebrate the official date as the Japanese release, the album did come out the week before in Europe as a digital download


and of course. in 2013, it was re-released as Diamond Veil (Feat. Jamie Pineda) with all tracks all renamed with (Feat.  Jamie Pineda) and new artwork.

Diamond Veil (Feat Jamie Pineda) 2

Got any favourites from the album? Why not share them with us here or over on twitter?

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