Expected Downtime

We know that we’ve been quite the past wee while & that’s been for 2 reasons: the first is a change in circumstances and the second is that behind the scenes we’ve been looking at a new site.

Now don’t start panicking….at least not yet. See the first reason impacted on the second, i.e. we’ve only had 2 days a week to try and decide on what to do with the site and we’ve been self learning a new system too (we’re not just pretty faces here, you know!)

The good news is that we think we’ve cracked it! The bad news is that it may take a few days/weeks for us to get it all up and running. The plan is still to have the blog running during this time, as well as the store it’s just the main site that’s going to disappear.

We’re not planning on taking any of the features away from the site. They’ll all still be there (so that’s albums, singles, dvd, promo, extras, about) plus the addition of a new section…

We just ask that you bare with us and we’ll get everything up and running as quickly as possible…assuming no hick ups (and with us, we’re expecting a few!)

In the meantime, if you need us, you can reach us on Twitter or by email