#Zeitgesit21 Track listing Revealed

Well, we’d already revealed the artwork for what we believe will be the international release of #Z21, known as #Zeitgeist21, but today we can also reveal the track listing to you too!

#Zeitgeist21 Cover

1. #Z21 (#Zeitgeist21) (Radio Edit)
2. Nothing Can Keep Me From You (Ain’t No Mountain)
3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
4. Every Rose
5. Beautiful
6. Alone
7. Life Is Good
8. All 4 Love
9. Aase’s Death
10. Carol Of The Bells
11. My Understatement
12. Justified
13. #Z21 (#Zeitgeist21) (Video Edit)

If we’re right, the Radio Edit of #Z21 is the version that was released as the single internationally whilst the Video Edit is likely to be the version that appeared on the Japanese release but we won’t be able to confirm anything until we see track times!

No word on a release date yet but the lovely folk over on the official youtube channel have put samples up for all to hear. You can check them out here

No word on a release date yet but once known (as well as per-order links if available) well post them for you!


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